Tomato and Olympic gold

People, having a sunny yard is such a win when you're an ever-hopeful gardener! I dare say I've had a mostly green thumb this summer, an accomplishment I attribute primarily to sun and soil amendments. Daily, my jackpot is a thrill.

The boys spent the night at a friend's house on Friday, and I realized their absence would be a good time to use up all remaining small-breed tomatoes as were starting to feel snowballed. 

A low and slow roast with some olive oil, garlic and thyme fit even the bill of a sweltering day, and with marinated sheep/goat cheese and toasted baguette, well, suffice it to say, that we feasted. 

The next day I made some celery leaf aioli for some chicken salad, and my T served this gorgeous, accidental-art latte to me. The Olympics continue to thrill (Phelps, Ledecky, Bolt?!?!?!), Christoph Waltz is a commercial delight, and the kids return to camp tomorrow. 

Watch this for a smile, and a bit more love if you're already a Waltz fan.