The Women's March on Washington

Not much better but I will march as long as my stamina allows.

Tramp: Make Russia Great Again

Tramp: Make Russia Great Again

I imagine those last two need no explaining.

Today was heartbreaking. That not an hour after the inauguration, had deleted its Climate Change, LGBTQ Rights, and Civil Rights pages is both appalling and scary. Trump has already issued an executive order repealing a mortgage-fee reduction — geared at helping first-time and low-income home buyers- that President Obama issued last week. Snopes has already issued rebuttals against Trumper claims that the inauguration was "hugely attended" today. It was not. If you see pictures of big crowds and blue skies, they're lies. Today was rainy and gray, overcast the ENTIRE day, and all reputable crowd checkers put today's crowd at under a million. That's less than half the number that attended Obama's first inauguration. 

I send a big hug to all who feel the complete discomfort that I do. Let's fight!