The aftermath and Halloween

Ohmahgah, y'all, I have been tired since before my alarm went off this morning. Late night with that debate. I simply must share my favorite tweet of the evening:

I'm still in hysterics!

Ok, it is taking everything I have to keep Oliver from decorating for Halloween. He cares not that October is still four days away, nor that Halloween is still another four weeks later, nor even that I'm co-hosting a bridal shower here this Saturday. However, I have put my foot down: he can start decorating on Sunday.

Each year he has mourned that our decorations are not spooky enough and so each year, we have added to the collection. Our annual schlep to Party City occurred last Saturday, and we came away with not only a Storm Trooper costume but also a 5-foot posable skeleton and a very large outdoor spider web made of black rope. These items seem to have sated Ol's manic appetite for haunting grimness.

At least for now.

He and skeleton invited me to their feast of fried spiders. Charming, isn't it?!

I'm off to bed y'all. Zzzzz.....