Tasso and shallot tart, melon salad and to BlogHer '15 I go

At 10am this morning, I still had little more than undies, jam and all hair-styling products packed in my suitcase, but I'm on the train now, so there you have it. I work well under pressure.

Dinner last night was so wonderful- way to leave on a high note, Em! 

caramelized shallot, cabbage and tasso tart

caramelized shallot, cabbage and tasso tart

This tart never disappoints and was pleasantly lightened just the right amount by a terrific papaya and cantaloupe salad I concocted (and am about to post the recipe for). As many of you know, papaya loves citrus juice -particularly lemon or lime- but cantaloupe appreciates that same zing and so should not be relegated to just your basic fruit salad. 

I made a sprightly vinaigrette of lime juice, olive oil, a bit of honey and a dash of cardamom, whisked that with salt and pepper, and tossed it with the fruit and some shredded mint. Beautiful, healthy, and I'll admit to you that I drank the remaining vinaigrette because it was so tasty.

I'm sitting in a window seat barreling towards New York. New York, New York, you have a huge chunk of heart and soul, and I never feel anything but thrill as I head your way. 

As soon as I arrive in the hotel, I'm going to a happy hour and then the BlogHer '15 kick-off keynote featuring the #blacklivesmatter founders and Melinda Gates. Yes, that Melinda Gates. Then to a speaker at the 92nd St Y and finally to dinner with an oldie/bestie. What a day!