Fantastic pasta and a few more laughs

Tonight, tired from all the yoga and pilates in the world because #electionstress, cold because #fall, and hungry because, well, #hungry, I wanted a quick, hearty dinner. I'd bought a lovely rotisserie chicken from the market earlier, knowing the boys wouldn't eat it all and so I'd have some leftover bird. On a hunch, I put a tub of mascarpone and a box of whole wheat spaghetti in my cart too, just in case. 

And so became dinner. I forgot about the originally-called-for fennel but subbed a celery heart with great results. Likewise, I didn't recall recently using up my stash of currants and so used chopped sultanas. Also a terrific sub. Lastly, I was again reminded that the best outcome for any pasta dish really depends on a salt-loving heavy hand. Go big or go home, be flexible, enjoy.

Whole Wheat Spaghetti with Chicken, Fennel, Currants and Mascarpone

In addition to all the yoga and pilates, I have drowned my election depression in my garden. Somewhere out there I lost my favorite pair of Fiskars clippers, but I planted a couple dozen tulip bulbs and trimmed away two garbage bins of yardly detritus.

And I have greatly appreciated the proliferation of more Biden-against-Trump jokes. A few more for you. God I'm gonna miss these two!

Crying over sausages at 4:45am? Chess Club? Dinner? Check!

Friends, it was with some dismay that after a lengthy morning snuggle visit with Ol earlier (much!) today, I thought to ask him the time and found out it was nearing 4:45. A!M! I strongly suggested he take his cute bum back to bed at which point he started crying hysterically about being starving. I said, "Well, Ol, you can go get a banana or some cereal, but I am definitely not getting out of this bed." "BUT I WANT BREAKFAST SAUSAGES RIGHT NOW. I AM STARVING. BREAKFAST SAUSAGES. SAUSAGES. BREAKFAST. STARVING."

Truly, it was absurd but he literally would not leave and I was equally committed to staying in bed. Finally, Tom huffed up and out and marched Ol back to his room. He sobbed for precisely 2.4 seconds before falling back asleep. I have felt rather like cat puke since.

Then, awesomeness continued when Tom had to go back to work. Until 1:15. Now, at 1:30 was Session 1 of the weekend chess club the boys created last weekend. Jack and Tom would teach Oliver and three friends chess. It commenced today. At 1:30. T suggested I stick around. I politely declined, set out the snacks I'd prepared, took one cute pic of the sweeties hovering over chess boards and hauled ass to bed, stopping only for earplugs along the way. Then I had my writing class. Then I managed to get out of 50% of bathtime by "preparing at length for dinner" (not really), made my whole wheat spaghetti with roasted chicken, currants, fennel and mascarpone, and watched some figure skating. The Canadian man-elf was too much for me, but Gracie Gold and Yulia the 15 year old Russian phenom were great.

Off to bed with the paper, my Sherlock Holmes compilation and no real belief that I'll get through much of either.

Wonderful dinner, riveting film

Oh my god, y'all. T and I just finished watching The Impossible, and I was on the edge of my seat about 80% of the time. My stomach felt like a damn tsunami was wreaking havoc inside it. What an absolutely horrifying, beyond-words experience that must have been. The little boys who played the sons were wonderful. As soon as the credits rolled, I raced to Oliver's bed and held him tight. I wished Jack were here so I could have done the same with him (he, T, Ol and T's Dad went to the Nats game this afternoon, and then J spent the night with his grands). I settled for Nutmeg instead but it's really not the same. Having been on the couch the entire day, except when I forced myself to the market for milk and fruit and, once there, realized I should have simply stayed home (you know when you just should not immerse yourself in a crowd of strangers? I was annoyed to beat sixty, for no good reason really except that I felt like arse and should have stayed on the couch), I was hungry and funked out and dead set on making dinner.

I'm so glad I did.

Roasted Brussels sprouts and a bit of leftover cauliflower plus my whole wheat spaghetti with chicken, fennel, currants and mascarpone. SUCH a good dish.

roasted Brussels sprouts and caul

whole wheat spaghetti with chicken, fennel, currants and mascarpone