Anyone see the photo on the front page of the NYT Dining section today? The one of the older woman in overalls going in for a bite of deep-fried butter on a stick? I haven't felt so vicariously, viscerally ill in quite some time.In tandem with last month's press on 7-11's new mashed potato vending machine and my own recent viewing of an all-in-one pancake maker (insert bag o' dough; press button; place plate at foot of conveyor belt), I feel we're really seeing industrialization gone too far. Lest you think I'm a Luddite, I'm not - although I've already abandoned pinterest and still don't get the hoo-ha about Blu-ray - but these items certainly demonstrate the unsavory lengths we'll take our desire for convenience, our quest for immediacy, and our frightening willingness to eat really gross stuff. Fried butter? No wonder health in America is so unimpressive!