Okra and the 4th

So I realized last night that in my crisper drawer were the okra that T bought last Sunday. So fresh were they when purchased that they'd maintained their proud shape and verdant green hue. No need to risk missing the window: part of dinner they would be!

Do y'all know what okra love? Not gumbo, but bacon! Okra smothered in bacon drippings? 

There is NO slime in well-prepared okra: fried, smothered, grilled... Don't wash before cooking, and you're in great shape. 

So last night: bacon, okra, corn and more bacon. Delicious!

And watermelon and feta and watercress. And tomatoes and pea tendrils and blue cheese. And bourbon shrubs. And there you have it. 

I freaking love okra. Love it.

Today I spent large swaths of time either running (6.25 miles; legs now crying) or putting together the three-layer ice cream cake Jack requested for his birthday. My oldest baby turns 9 in the morning, and I just can't believe it. I mean, I can, but at the same time, wow. 

He does not like regular cake, and I enjoy learning something new each year as I make a new, celebratory, non-cake dessert.

Let me tell you the main thing I've learned so far: do NOT make your own Oreos. Accept the fake-o, chemical shit in the Nabisco ones and love them. They are the best. By far.

Tom bought Jack an inexpensive drone for his birthday and is playing with it right now like he's a seven-year-old who just received the most awesome thing IN THE WHOLE WORLD. It is crashing repeatedly into the windows, and the pets are vexed out of their minds. Men = boys = always kids.

Happy almost-4th, y'all!

Upchucking rainbows, bye bye kids, delicious meal

I was so high all day yesterday following the Supreme Court's decision that ALL can marry. My heart and mind were suffused with pride, thrill, a deep sense of justice served, and rivers of teary love. This ruling is truly momentous, and I felt like my parents must have when the Berlin Wall came down, that they'd just witnessed a sea change that would change the course of the future.

My social media feeds looked like I'd vomited rainbows all over them. One friend said that it was awfully hard to keep up with me, but I just couldn't stop sharing and cheering and spreading the love. I mean, just look at this image. The message this sends to our country and the world cannot be underestimated.

I spent a little time reading negative reactions to the marriage equality decision, but they were so ugly and pathetic and on the wrong side of history that I happily closed shop on them. They are neither here nor there anymore, and rightfully so. As I've always said about abortion too, if you don't like it, don't do it, but don't take away the rights of others to choose for themselves.

It was also thrilling for me to share the news with the boys as I picked each up at camp. We have always been open about their absolute right to love anyone they choose and about our support for same sex marriage. But to tell them that our country had finally chosen fairness and equality over bigotry was really something special.

Isn't this a spectacular photograph? Storm's coming. -courtesy of capital weather gang

Isn't this a spectacular photograph? Storm's coming. -courtesy of capital weather gang

As night crept in, so too did a storm that has rained down upon us since. The kids were up early today, and Tom and I were terribly sick of them by about 9 am. I mean, they set new records of obnoxious, gross, insufferable behavior, and to be stuck inside with them? My god.

Jack was wearing a man's tee-shirt that said Autobahn on the front; he resembled some kind of street urchin. He was finally willing to put on pants when I insisted they come to the market with me, a trip I knew would be a sure hell, but I was desperate to get them outside. By this point, Oliver was wearing a size 2-4 astronaut costume which comes up to his knees, and they were both dirty since they'd been lolling about on the floor for hours, screeching about farts and butts and all manner of hole. 

People these are the types of days during which I find it hard to appreciate them. #truth

On days like these, I love Nutmeg even more than usual. He is so quiet and independent and tidy.

The nut cleans his toes.

The nut cleans his toes.

The incredible luck is that both boys are now gone: Oliver at a sleepover with a friend, and Jack at Tom's parents' as he's going on a lengthy hike tomorrow with Topta (which is what he's always called Tom's Dad as early on he couldn't say Grandpa. I love "Topta.")

Tom and I are celebrating by staying in and eating well and watching Real Time from last night. I made the chicken korma recipe from the May 3 New York Times Magazine, a watermelon and arugula salad with goat cheese, and a plum tart. Duh. 'Tis the season. 

chicken korma

chicken korma

Tom is now test-flying (and crashing) the drone he bought Jack for his birthday. We have not yet given Jack this drone, and I keep hearing, "Uh-oh," "Hmm...," "That's not good." Put the toy away, Dad! #menareboys

Crickets; watermelon salad

Not ONE comment or reaction to "the pillow." I'm in hysterics, y'all. Does everyone hate it? Methinks so. Hah!

Ok, have you made this salad yet? It is just too fabulous. I literally eat bowls of this daily. Arugula from my garden, newfound gem of a feta from the farmers market, melon, best quality oil and aged Balsamic, mint, salt and pep. You need to have this in your life!