Happy 4th! Happy Birthday, Jack!

What a fun day it's been. I woke up to Like a Prayer blaring from Jack's room at 5:15am; Oliver was up soon after, and we woke T up at 6. Big breakfast, presents, play, the Batman movie (a hit!), family lunch with grandparents and a cousin, more presents, more playing, and now we are all tired but in the happiest of ways. The boys are vegging in front of Busytown Mysteries, and I'm digesting the absolutely fabulous lunch: corn, fresh burgers and my favorite turkey burger recipe -Southwestern style with cumin, chili powder, crushed blue corn chips, cilantro and salt- fruit salad, and the pièce de résistance, this incredible shortcake. It's a James Beard recipe, and I added the blueberries for a patriotic touch and the cinnamon because I like it. Aah!