"Likes" deleted- oh no; more jam; query

Dearest readers, It appears that the only lasting loss from our server outage two weeks ago is that all my facebook "likes" were erased. Now just DH and I like me. Good grief. If you would be so kind, "like" me again. See? That little button over to your right? You got it! Many thanks! The rhubarb-strawberry-orange jam is absolutely delish, and as soon as I finished up with it, I started in on a batch of strawberry-vanilla jam, using the rest of the berries I bought at yesterday's FM. It's macerating now, and I'll can it tomorrow. So.much.fun!

I'm readying myself (read: sucking caffeine) to stay up late at my photog class and in the meantime have a real question for you: why do seemingly all men know how to coil extension cords such that they never kink or twist, always hang nicely and stay put? I practice this on a not infrequent basis and just really can't seem to master this skill in any way. Yesterday, all my dishes from the lunch I recently catered were returned to me; I'd brought a double hot plate and extension cord to keep the jambalaya warm, and darn if the returned cord wasn't perfectly wound. I am totally a "girls can do ANYTHING boys can do" kinda gal, but truly, this cord business vexes me, and I feel pretty sure that some guy tidied mine before its return. Hmm...

Rhubarb Jam with Strawberries and Orange

I can't believe the end of school is near. This morning, T enjoyed his last day of working the carpool line at J's school while I took Ol to his end-of-the-year party at his school: he's done Wednesday, and Jack next Monday. Jack will be in FIRST GRADE this September. Say what?! When did that happen? Oh my...I'll deal with that later. In the meantime, I scurried home after the party to finish up the jam I started last night. Marisa's demo yesterday put me in a serious canning mood, so I chose a recipe from her cookbook and just put up nearly 4 pints of rhubarb, strawberry and orange jam. It's spiked with a little cinnamon and is absolutely lovely. I made five 1/4 pint jars for teacher gifts, kept some for us and have started stockpiling in anticipation of the Arts Market in which I'm participating in September. Wish I were better at photographing glass jars, but alas, I'm not.