Gnudi and pie, go buy this wine

What a luxurious dinner we had and dessert we will enjoy. The mushroom lady at the FM today didn't have chanterelles but thought maitakes and creminis might be a good approximation. They were yummy but creminis throw off so much water, and as Nancy calls for nearly a cup as well, I think ultimately there was a bit too much. The end result needed a fair amount of salt, but the gnudi were wonderful, so light and airy, and I was happy for the baby spinach's inclusion.

A dear friend spent the day cooking a major birthday dinner for her husband. For dessert, she was making two of my lemon meringue pies, and I was very happy she did because her questions showed me that I needed to clarify the recipe. To do so accurately, I made a lemon fluff pie too! T is so excited!Lastly, I simply must tell you to go to sometime in the next 11 hours and order some of the Leone d'Oro Vino Nobile di Montepulciano. We bought two bottles a while back and ordered 6 more today. It is so smooth and lovely, a great wine for this price-point!