This jam is awesomely good

If you were a reader last year at this time, you'll recall how over-the-moon besotted with the plum-basil jam I was from the day I created it on. My ardor has not waned, and I've been stockpiling Shiro plums like Elaine did with Today sponges. (Seinfeld y'all). Ol and I had a blast putting up a double batch of this beauty today, and I just enjoyed some on toast as a sublime hors d'.


What a fun morning. I made 2½ pints of Shiro plum-basil jam, another 2½ of apricot-peach-almond, and then experimented with some gorgeous white peaches I bought yesterday. Considering how much I love the savory-sweetness of the plum-basil, I wanted to take these peaches in a similar direction. What about rosemary? A tiny bit of black pepper and a dash of Cognac? Let me tell you...this is a delight. It will be incredible on a good, hard, salty cheese. Mamma mia. As I only made about a pint to avoid waste in case of a disaster, I'll make more of this soon as well as share the recipe with you!