A few things

Busy but extremely productive catch-up day. Kids to camp, house cleaned, errands run, photography class completed. Aah. T is heading to Germany in the morning, so dinner tomorrow night will be a solo affair, and I plan to make something yummy! In the meantime, I really must encourage you to make Amanda Hesser's plum tart. I subbed pluots as they're in season RIGHT NOW and was thrilled. Mascarpone-whipped cream makes a fabulous accompaniment.

Second, did you read either/both of these articles? One is very moving, one really disheartening about the (failed?) state of morality in American society today. The first was the Modern Love essay in the Sunday Styles section of yesterday's NYTimes. It was a lovely, dear piece by a father about his son. The second was Maureen Dowd's Op-Ed about the perilous state of our character and morals, viewed through the lens of the grotesque accusations/truths coming to light in the Sandusky case as well as those from Horace Mann and others.