Lemon something a'coming

Whatever I have is gross, just gross. It's like I'm pregnant again (am definitely not)! Barf. When I was pregnant with Oliver, I had really disgusting morning sickness for months. Each day I scanned the infinitesimal heavens of my brain for something, anything, that sounded remotely appealing. The upside was that I usually could find something tolerable; the bummer was that after eating it throughout that day, it was as if I'd overdosed and thereafter could never look at that item again. One day I HAD TO HAVE Waldorf salad which I consumed like a Cone Head. The next morning, even the thought of any element of the Waldorf made me want to wretch. You can imagine that we had quite a few random leftovers around. Lemon was the most consistently good-sounding taste, however, and that is also true today. When Oliver's Mighty Machines show finishes up, I think we'll have to jump in the kitch together, aprons donned, and make a lemon cake. He is a doll of a helper, so it'll be a nice, manageable activity.

What are y'all cooking? Doing?