Pies and kids

I can hardly stand it, y'all. This Sunday -just 4.5 days from now- I will lay eyes on my boys for the first time in six weeks. The letters have slowed as have spottings of them in the once-weekly camp photo album. I saw Ol from behind today, but that's it since mail last week. Which I think means all great things. BUT, I can't wait to get my mitts on those two. 

OMG, how precious are his legs?! The kids are in line signing up for War Game team preference.

OMG, how precious are his legs?! The kids are in line signing up for War Game team preference.

In the meantime, I've been working and nesting and making lots of pies. I taught a fab class last weekend: a dad and his daughters. How dear. We made two pies, and I have since finished the one that was in the fridge and made two more.

tomatoes, spinach, basil, chives, feta, mozzarella, eggs, and milk

tomatoes, spinach, basil, chives, feta, mozzarella, eggs, and milk

lemon meringue pie

lemon meringue pie

Plus I have overhauled the boys' rooms and bathroom, even teaching myself how to install dry wall anchors, repair wood trim, and caulk. Hear me roar. Y'all know how I love to paint. Mamma mia does everything look sharp. 

This has been a great summer, good for all of us in so many ways. I feel grateful. And I cannot wait to hug J and O.

PS- Know what's happening tomorrow? My PH 5 is being hung! FOR THE WIN!

Day's done

Did you ever sing that song at camp? Taps?"Day's done. Gone the sun. Through the lakes, through the hills, through the skies. All is well, safely rest. Good night (or god is nigh)."

I always enjoyed singing that at sunset during weeks at summer camp. And it comes to me tonight, after a long and heavy day of reminiscence and goodbye. I gave Jack the option of coming, or not, to everything today: the pre-funeral visitation; funeral; burial; etc. Southern Catholics don't mess around with their funerals; these events are serious time commitments, and I wanted to let Jack feel a sense of control. He opted into everything and was great.

Afterwards, I said he could veg out all afternoon. He played ludicrous amounts of video games and did some reading. I made a lemon meringue pie a la Nanny and my shrimp cassoulet for dinner. Mom, Dad, jack, my aunt Renee and I told stories, ate well and now eagerly, almost desperately, are calling it a day. Mom said I should stop cooking, but that's what I could do, you know?



Gnudi and pie, go buy this wine

What a luxurious dinner we had and dessert we will enjoy. The mushroom lady at the FM today didn't have chanterelles but thought maitakes and creminis might be a good approximation. They were yummy but creminis throw off so much water, and as Nancy calls for nearly a cup as well, I think ultimately there was a bit too much. The end result needed a fair amount of salt, but the gnudi were wonderful, so light and airy, and I was happy for the baby spinach's inclusion.

A dear friend spent the day cooking a major birthday dinner for her husband. For dessert, she was making two of my lemon meringue pies, and I was very happy she did because her questions showed me that I needed to clarify the recipe. To do so accurately, I made a lemon fluff pie too! T is so excited!Lastly, I simply must tell you to go to www.lot18.com sometime in the next 11 hours and order some of the Leone d'Oro Vino Nobile di Montepulciano. We bought two bottles a while back and ordered 6 more today. It is so smooth and lovely, a great wine for this price-point!