Catching Fire, and a lemon cake

I felt like the Tasmanian Devil today; if you saw me, you likely only saw the rings I spun. Post-holiday catch-up kept me busy this morning, and after lunch I headed into Jack's room with a mission. Last night, my sweet boy finally admitted that the ziggurat of mayhem that is his desk sometimes overwhelms him. "Sweetie, do you think it would help if I cleaned it off and organized it?"

"Yes, mom!"

"Certain things will go missing; is that ok?"

"Like what?"

"Like things you haven't played with or noticed in months."


You can bet I took him up on this ort of permission. It was the best sort of crap purge- broken bits of styrofoam airplanes; rubberbands; broken crayons; scratch paper; busted balloons; completely done dot-to-dots and maze books; the biggest wad of pipe cleaners you ever did see.

After finishing his desk, I hung a garland over it and from that hung a bunch of tiny ornaments. Then I put a similar decoration in Ol's room and headed downstairs to adorn our mantle. The stockings are hung, the now-empty ornament boxes are back in storage. We're on Day 2 of our advent calendar, and I am fully in the spirit.

I also had to make a lemon cake.

This afternoon I had arranged a babysitter, and spontaneously, T and I decided to see Catching Fire. It started off slightly slowly, but I was on the edge of my seat by the end and loved it. Also, I have a definite crush on Peta. When was the last time hubs and I caught a flick? A long damn time ago. It was so nice to be a random date. Then we came home and grilled a pizza, and now he's installing some computer something and I'm going to read the paper.

What a Wundy Monday!