Cirque du Soleil Kurios

Today I took the boys to Cirque du Soleil's Kurios show which is under a blue- and yellow-striped big top in Tyson's Corner, VA. The tickets seemed a touch pricey, but boy were they worth every penny: I really feel we got more than we paid for.

I haven't enjoyed a performance this much in some time. Frankly, I liked it much better than The Book of Mormon (on Broadway, and relative to those tickets, Cirque was a bargain), and the boys were awestruck.

Trampolines, contortionists, a juggler, incredible sets and props, Olympics-worthy athletes, hella good musicians (seriously, I almost bought the soundtrack), and the most amazing yo-yo guy I've ever seen made for a really fun two hours.

The kids got invited to walk through backstage and then over the bridge on stage before the show started, and because they needed an adult accompaniment, I got to go too!

Everyone associated with the show was a consummate professional and extremely friendly. Truly, it couldn't have been a cooler afternoon. 

Kurios, Cabinet of Curiosities, runs through September 18, and I enthusiastically suggest you get tickets and go if you can. You can even get a fetching pair of aviator goggles if you so desire. Jack and I chose the puzzle, natch.