Holy Sandwich, Em-i-lis

From some deep, loves-to-eat well inside my core, I found inspo for dinner tonight. Who else is obsessed with Ataulfo mangoes? Can I see a show of hands? I'm off my head about them and have been since T and I honeymooned in the Yucatán years ago. AKA champagne mangoes, they put their mango peers to shame. Mamma mia. I've got six sitting in front of me. Great for breakfast, great on the grill, great with ice cream and amaretto, AND great in this crazy-good sandwich I made for dinner. A sad bunch of dandelion greens was moping in my crisper drawer. A spread (with garlic, salt, pepper and crème fraîche)! Some artisanal prosciutto that just wanted to be used? The perfect foil to the spread and some mango! 2-day old country bread? The perfect base for this sandwich. And some Jarlsberg! Voila!

I will post this recipe ASAP.