Fab-o Yotam dinner

This dinner was super good. I made two recipes from my new cookbook, Jerusalem by Yotam (Ottolenghi), and they did not disappoint. YO! The first was this roast cauliflower with hazelnuts, celery, pomegranate seeds and an incredible cinnamon/sherry vinaigrette/maple dressing. Who knew cauliflower and cinnamon loved each other so very much?! Not I, my friends, not I. But now I do. This will definitely be remade many a time in this house!

I'd finally soaked some garbanzos but as I'd bought King salmon today decided to make a basic hummus with them rather than some sort of main dish. Again, I turned to Jerusalem, and this is a hell of a hummus; it's one of my very favorite foods, and this one doesn't disappoint.

Finally, T grilled our salmon which he'd dressed with a cracked coriander-maple glaze. He's now using the leftover bittersweet chocolate (from my peppermint patty making) to craft some toasted hazelnut bark. Go T!

Lunch tartine

A local joint serves a wonderful rustic tuna and white bean tartine (sleek and slim open-faced sandwich) that I really enjoy, so today I made my own for lunch. Good multi-grain bread, hummus, tomato and a white bean-tuna-lemon salad to top it all off. Delicious, healthy and it sticks to your ribs.

For tonight, we're having garlic-rosemary-marjoram rubbed steaks and roasted mushrooms and potatoes OR sunchokes and haricot verts. Yes, you read that correctly, sunchokes are here. Whee!!!