Power back, feeling worse, quick trip through the yard

It is extremely hot in DC right now; like north of 95° and climbing. Last night, about a half hour before our guests were to arrive for dinner and I'd planned to get the fruit crisp in the oven, our power went out for no apparent reason. You might recall that this just happened a few days ago, necessitating a hurried and expensive trip to Talbert's for some dry ice. Anyway, everyone arrived sweating and did their best not to look too chagrined when I told them there was little respite inside. Fortunately, power resumed in mid-dinner, and I was able to get that dessert a'cooking. Priorities, folks! UNfortunately, I feel truly terrible today- my chest actually burns when my body is seized with the urge to cough; my throat feels like it's covered in rough, swollen, tender, bruised, scratchy growths, and my limbs feel like overcooked spaghetti. Also, my mouth aches. I hate it when that happens, when my gums throb just sitting there doing nothing but holding my teeth in. Shit. As such, I will be dragging my pitiful arse to the doc at noon. Honestly, I hope it's strep or something similarly treatable; I'd rather jump on some meds than ail lamely, especially as Tom left town this morning. I am truly the worst sick person I know. It's just not my strong suit.

After dropping the boys at camp (there are no words to describe how grateful I am that they are happily there), I took a quick spin through my yard for some aesthetic therapy. This Casablanca lily plant is the pride of my garden! And though nothing else is successfully producing, my tomatoes are rock stars.


DSC_4279 DSC_4281



Party of old-fashioned games = fun, lilies

Today was so much fun, but I am now so tired that I can hardly speak. I'm going to bed. However, before I do, I will a) share two cute pics of my darling Superhero sons as well as two stunning lilies from my garden, and b) say that sack-races, pinatas, pin-the-X-onX and egg-on-a-spoon races are terrific games. All my damn tomatoes (except the Sungolds, thank god) appear to have blossom end rot despite my best efforts, so I think I'm going to throw in the towel on them and just stick with flowers, herbs and other random successes. There are only so many hours in the day.Could this precious little boy look more thrilled?! I feel like this picture gives a glimpse of how Oliver will look as a young man. Isn't he handsome! Mom-love, throw me a bone.