Slow Sunday, haircuts, deliciousness all around

Although I was delighted to be up until 2am and then sleep with J in the basement for some inexplicable reason, I paid for it today y'all. Just call me space cadet Em. I fell asleep in the middle of Oliver telling me a story and later, at the market, forgot one of my bags at the checkout counter. It is with immense relief that bedtime is nigh. How cute is Mr. O at the barber? Usually Tom cuts the boys' hair, but it just wasn't happening, so... Doesn't he look like a blanket mountain with a head?!

J had a stomach ache all day, and was asleep by 6:20 tonight; he turned down the jelly doughnut I brought him -unprecedented- and we only read one chapter of 20,000 Leagues before he said, "That's good for today, Mom." It is such a great book so far! I hope J's not sick but simply in need of a great night of sleep. Poor kid has been calling out, loudly!, from bed for the past two hours. He's out like a light but dreaming? hurting? Fingers crossed for a healthful Monday.

This evening I made the Brussels sprouts, shallot and speck pasta again because I wanted to write up a recipe for it. It was delicious again and the recipe is posted now, in Pastas.

You're welcome! ;)

Other fab food from the past week...

Dejeuner a La Petite Grocery

My god, lunch was a balm for my cold soul. La Petite Grocery is such a lovely spot; perched on the corner of Magazine and General Pershing, it's got a high, pressed-tin ceiling, lots of natural light, a fabulously inviting bar, friendly staff and an uncrowded floor set with comfortable tables. T started with a Belgian triple and a glass of Burgundian chardonnay while we waited for our shared appetizer of oysters baked with country ham, collard greens and cornbread crumbs. When in Louisiana, eat oysters. And collards. And bacon. So really, this dish was a no-brainer order. And it was definitely good but they need to cut back on the cornbread's sweetness. I sweetly relayed this message to our dear waiter.

baked oysters with collards, country bacon and cornbread crumbs

For our mains, Tom ordered the pastrami sandwich on rye with pickled cabbage, Gruyere and house-made Russian dressing. Also the best fries ever. People, no one should ever peel potatoes before making fries. On potatoes, apples, chicken, etc.

pastrami on rye with house fries

I went for two sides: roasted beets with crawfish, shaved asparagus and horseradish cream and the caramelized Brussels sprouts with pancetta, thyme and pancetta. I swear I almost plunged my face into the sprouts. I could have eaten nine plates of them. Ridiculous. The crawfish salad wished for more zing and pep, from cracked pepper, lemon and so forth. Good, not great. The sprouts stole the show.

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