An upcoming class and a lovely feature

It’s never too late to learn something new. On September 29, at the Bethesda Strosniders, I’ll be teaching Canning 101. It’s free to attend and always fun.

Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at 6.26.54 PM.png

I also want to share some information about a great local organization, Hungry Harvest. It’s mission is to eliminate food waste and hunger, and I think we can all get on board in support of those goals! One of the Hungry Harvest’s team members recently took one of my canning classes and today shared a wonderful article and some beautiful pics on the HH site. Check this out!

To all my friends and family in the Carolinas and Georgia, stay safe! I’ve prepared for many a hurricane in my lifetime and it’s always so worrisome and intense. You’re all in my thoughts, and I hope Florence backs off.

Farmers market, class, sleepover, class, hike, dinner

My Canning 101 class originally scheduled for yesterday morning was moved, because of that insane deluge, to today. It was such a terrific, energetic group of people, and I couldn't have enjoyed myself more. Thanks to all who came! Peach-apricot-almond jam, y'all!

Just before that, T and I made our way to the Bethesda Farmers Market because I was in dire need of some feta and an ash boulé from Stonyman Cheese. Both are off-the-hook good, and off-the-hook expensive. I urged T to go peruse other stalls while I settled up. Gah.

Anyway, we also came across the most vivid eggplant and okra, tomatoes and favas. One thing was prettier than the next and it's probably best I had to get to my class. I left T with a list and now look forward to cooking with all this gorgeousness this week.

We also came across some artisanal tonic and grenadine and, wholly convinced by the perfect packaging, bought a bottle of each. As the clock struck 6 tonight, I made myself a Jack Rose with the grenadine. Che bella!

a Jack Rose- totally appealing, yes?

a Jack Rose- totally appealing, yes?

Meanwhile, Oliver returned from his terrifically fun sleepover, and Jack was just arriving at Old Rag with Tom's dad. They were planning to hike up the front and down the back, an 11-mile trek, in preparation for an awesome hiking trip out west later this summer.

Oliver invited us to play Hangman with him which, because he is an early reader, is hysterically limited. "A water," for example. Or, not surprisingly, "Poop." "Jack, Mom, Dad" was a clean one while "A poop water" and "A poop in water" were a bit more scatalogical and mysterious.

Then my writing group met, and Jack came home, and Ol and I planted herbs, and the boys went to bed, and T and I grilled a pizza and dined al fresco, and now we are calling it rest time. Deservedly so.

It is a remarkable gift to have children and then, when possible, to part with them for spells of time. Everyone had fun and was rejuvenated during our brief stint away from each other.

And, our cucumbers are going gangbusters!!

Three and I'm done

This week's third and final canning class this morning was another great time, and I think everyone learned a lot in addition to enjoying themselves. Thank you, Strosniders, for hosting me, and thank you to all who came. You were a great, interactive group! I am, however, taking a full 24 from my canning pot starting now; yee-haw!

Afterwards, I went to the market, devoured a taco platter and have since been cleaning up the lunatic warzone that the boys in my life left behind instead of my home. WTF are these piles? And WHAT is happening in that sink? I am not touching or cleaning that sink.

And although I informed husband that I scheduled a refrigerator repairman visit because the water dispenser makes a terribly disconcerting thump-thump sound as it weakly pumps water, I can tell he is attempting to remedy this himself because the bottom of the fridge is on my table, the door no longer closes without major assistance (yes, he unleveled the beast) and the interior is as much a hot mess as is the rest of my home. Also I found this downstairs. Mother of god...