Fettuccine with Toasted Broccoli Breadcrumbs, Parmesan and Ricotta

My appetite is slowly returning and primarily for carbs. Whoa nelly on the pasta, bread and cake I crave.

Last night, after spending nearly four hours trying to get an answer from various health professionals about just what is ailing Oliver, I was exhausted, hungry and in possession of some gorgeous fresh fettuccine from Vace, a fabulous little Italian market nearby.

It seemed reasonable to consider that my body would revolt if I didn't feed it something green, so I decided on broccoli as I'd purchased some fresh heads earlier in the week. 

Y'all know when you roast broccoli and the tree-top ends get blackened? The flavor concentrates? And you just wish every bit of the broccoli tasted like those little frondy ends? I adore those bits and pieces so decided to basically shave the head off the broccoli stalk and make "breadcrumbs."

I tossed the broccoli shavings with some regular breadcrumbs (made from stale baguette; the best), garlic, olive oil, salt and pepper, and then roasted the whole mess on a sheet pan in a low oven, maybe 250 Fahrenheit, until everything was toasty and just-crisp, about 25 minutes.

When all that was nearly done, I boiled the egg fettuccine (isn't egg pasta insanely lush and wonderful?) until just done, reserved some of its cooking water, drained it and then returned it to hot pan. I added back some cooking water as well as a few spoons of fresh ricotta and a generous shower or three of freshly grated Parm.

When that was fairly well incorporated, I drizzled some top-quality olive oil on top and gently folded in most of the breadcrumbs. Then more Parm and finally the rest of the breadcrumbs. Voila! I ate enough to feed a small army. Delish!

A new essay published, apple fest

I am so pleased to have had a new essay, Through Oliver's Eyes, published on Mamalode today. Thank you to everyone who's responded to it with such warm, enthusiastic support!

In other news, I've been steadily making my way through all the food we picked last Friday at Larriland Farm. The spinach has been taken care of, as has about a quarter of the kale, all the broccoli and half the apples. 

I made a pie, applesauce, and last night this roasted broccoli with a pimentón sherry vinaigrette. Scrumptious!

A slice of pie helped me start sorting out the edge pieces for my new puzzle, this painting by Mucha. I love it (painted it on our firebox long ago), but it's gonna be one hell of a challenge. 

Well, I started to paint her anyway. Then I found out I was pregnant with Jack and had to stop with the oils because of the fumes. Never got back to it, and that was nearly ten years ago. #motherhood

Pears, broccoli, risotto, oh my!

Seckel pears have got to be one of the cutest bits of produce out there. I don't have the slightest idea what I'm going to do with these, but Brie is on my mind. Despite having made a major haul at the market with Oliver earlier today, I had an inspo for a Meatless Monday brown rice risotto and had to return this afternoon for goat cheese. There I spied a stunning mound of freshly cut broccoli and quickly added a large head to my basket. Off to get started on the risotto- will let you know how it turns out!