An outsized cat, a superb dinner

Don't y'all think Nutmeg looks certain that he fits in this box? Look at his rump! The whole thing reminds me of the scene in that old Chris Farley movie where he dons the tiny jacket and sings "Fat guy in a little coat..."

I can't believe he put up with what was surely uncomfortable, just to prove this box was, momentarily, his. So delightfully cattish!

You know what else didn't really fit? The batter in this tart pan. I have made this cake, olive oil with dark chocolate, countless times and while spillage always threatens, I have never seen the likes of this torrential overflow. I mean, gah, the pan is encased. I had to pull on my Pit Mitts so as not to burn myself and pop this puppy out before it hardened onto the rim.

It recovered beautifully and tasted the same. I looovvee this cake, as you probably well know!

Dinner was fresh limas that I bought yesterday at the farmers market. Limas are one of my favorite beans. I could eat them on a weekly basis and never tire. My favorite way to enjoy them -hell, the only way I cook them?- is simply: in water, rendered bacon fat, salt and pepper. Doesn't get better.

I also pan-fried some bread that I'd baked this morning as well as some fresh peaches and sandwiched those around some freshly torn burrata, the latter ingredients also from yesterday's FM. Honey, salt and pepper et voila. Heavenly!

Taking ones heels out for a dance

I have been sweating since yesterday, almost without reprieve. It is supposed to be hotter tomorrow. Because of said heat, I wore as little as professionally possible to a school event tonight; it is during times like these that I fall in love with strappy stilettos (tonight, ostrich-colored nubuck with a marvelous nubuck-patent flourish on the heel) and sleeveless dresses all over again.


Upon thinking about it further, it seemed both accurate and marginally sad that school events are where I take my heels -n- dresses out to play. Perhaps I really should get out more, but when? Instead of applying fresh make-up at 6p, I'm usually slipping on pjs with absolute happy relief.

I'm just a mom on the parents association I guess. A mom who has a whole lot of beautiful heels that deserve more attention than they get and so, for now, the school walkways will be my catwalks.

I am starting to twitch with longing to slow down and get back in my kitchen. Soon, I hope. Soon. September is as bonkers as May always is, so while I'm enjoying things back-to-school, I'm also eager for late September and its slower pace to usher in fall.

Look at this handsome guy! Caught him mid-lick this afternoon. What a fine feline specimen.