Salmon and spinach burgers with feta, amazing Brussels sprouts

We are really loving our new house, neighborhood and neighbors. Everyone is so nice and welcoming, and in 90 seconds, we can walk to such an amazing park. 

At the market yesterday, fresh sockeye salmon was on sale, so I bought a bunch with the intention of making my salmon burgers with spinach and feta. They are so, so good. During the move, I rediscovered the grinder attachment for my KitchenAid, and put it to good use last night with the fish. We still had a bit of beautiful baby spinach left from the kind food drop from one new neighbor last weekend, so I wilted and chopped that and added it to the ground salmon.

Then some crumbled feta, salt, and a egg whisked with Dijon mustard. Breadcrumbs and a bit of lemon rounded things out.

Tom grilled them using these fantastic disposable grilling screens we got for Christmas and also made a mustard aioli to slather on the toasted buns. I can't tell you how much we enjoyed these.

I also wanted a good veggie and had some pretty Brussels sprouts waiting in the fridge. Soon enough, my favorite sprouts dish, quick fried with lemon, pecorino and capers, was on the table. And sooner than that, they were all gone.