POTUS Debate #1 via Em on Facebook

Wine in hand, here we go. In T minus 13. I swear to G, Lester, you better NOT Matt Lauer yourself. #debate1 

Melania v Bill. Amazing likenesses. Said no one ever. #HnotT

I'm already pissed. The media is biased against Orange Man?Not. #seeMattLauer #HnotT 

And where are those personal tax returns? 


Is she dying to Purell like a banshee and erase the memory of his tiny hands from hers?? #HnotT #debatenight

If HRC was making the sneery glazed face DJT was making now, she'd be lambasted for RBF and other awfulness. #HnotT #shittydoublestandards#debatenight

Does HE HAVE A COLD?!?!?!? Hurry, get a coffin. His time is near. Clearly, he's hiding critical medical records. #HnotT #debatenight

Sniff, jobs, sniff, "why now after 30 years? I will bring back jobs. You can't."
Puh-lease. "I don't pay people, I buy my ties from China, and I don't understand trade." #HnotT #debatenight

IS ANYONE GOING TO CALL TRUMP OUT ON OBNOXIOUS INTERRUPTING???? #sorude #whereareyoulester #debatenight

This man is a g-damn imbecile. "You're going to regulate these businesses out of existence." And yet he cannot explain that, cannot give evidence, cannot do anything but combust and bloviate. #HnotT #debatenight

"You've been fighting ISIS your entire adult life." WHAT in the Sam Hill is he talking about???? I am not sure he's going to make it through the next ten minutes. "Secretary Clinton won't allow them to bring the money back." BUT HE OFFSHORES EVERYTHING! #HnotT #debatenight

"See, I'm just in a bit of a standard audit. Just wait. You'll see all about Donald Trump. Just wait." #HnotT #STFU #debatenight

"I will release them as soon as the audit...I've been audited for the past 15 years." Um, an audit does not preclude sharing tax returns AND audited 15 years in a row says something. #HnotT #criminal #debatenight

"Not paying taxes makes me smart." Really? It makes you a criminal, or at best a cheater of this country. #HnotT #debatenight

"Maybe he didn't do a good job, so didn't deserve to be paid." Are we really hearing these things? You guys, WHO is voting for him? Really, what is wrong here? #debatenight #HnotT

"We have gangs roaming the streets. We are in hell. 4,000 deaths in Chicago since President Obama took office. It's his hometown. You need stop and frisk." What if you stopped and frisked everyone in TX? I'm just saying. And are you trying to link this shit to Obama? And who are "these people"? #HnotT#opencarryisridiculous #debatenight

Yes, thank you, Secty Clinton, we DO NEED to address systemic racism in the criminal justice system and we DO NEED to stop for-profit prisons. #HnotT#debatenight

So, PS, the Trump campaign is furiously deleting all his old tweets. Interesting.#HnotT

I was the one who got him to produce the birth certificate, and I think I did a good job. 'Sniff.'" This man is offensive, gross, ignorant, and....sick. #colds#HnotT #debatenight

"Hi, Orangey, I love you!" #tinythings #HnotT #debatenight

ISIS "is beating us at our own game. I have a son, he's 10 years old. We created the internet. The security aspect of cyber is UGE, hardly doable." Y'all, that is not a sensical, not-on-coke series of thoughts. #HnotT#debatenight

"Yes, Sean and I have always had deep, intellectual and philosophical debates about how awful the Iraq war was. I always voted against it."

"Also, i have a much better temperament than she does, AND I know how to win."

What.the.FUCK. !?!?! #HnotT #debatenight

Wait, seriously. Did he just say nuclear disarmament was the main priority? Didn't he just say ISIS was the big deal? And now, "we lose on everything. We can't defend Japan." Me no understand this new language of one. #HnotT#debatenight #heisSTOOPID

"China should solve the problem for us" but didn't he just say that "China is using us like an ATM"? Erm...I have more than short-term memory. #HnotT#debatenight

And now he desperately segues back to ISIS and...JAPAN???????

You guys, STFU, I happen to love Japan and I almost moved there, but generally speaking, Japan is not #2 in conversation in politics these days. Just sayin. #HnotT #debatenight

DJT, do you understand what it means to be RECORDED? As in, ON TAPE?? We know what you've said. We've watched it and wretched over it. You are a disgrace. #HnotT #debatenight

He is a pitiful, sad, insecure, orange, shriveled, mean, bully, and he lost tonight. He LOST UGE! #HnotT #imwithher #Hillary #debatenight

"Somewhere between incoherence and babble." -Republican strategist Steve Schmidt re: Donald Trump. #HnotT #enoughsaid