I am literally sickened by the situation in Somalia- the Shabab and the "leaders" in Mogadishu are inhuman, barbarous animals who, I hope, will ultimately have to pay with their lives for inflicting such torture and horror on their countrymen and women. How can such treatment, such utter disregard for life, such indifference and cruelty be perpetrated in the "true meaning" of a religion? Though there are innumerable numbers of historical precedents, I am always shocked anew by the horrors religious conviction can justify. Why is there not a greater outcry from non-Shabab muslims condemning the Shabab's behavior in the name of Islam. How could any person espousing his utter commitment to a faith refuse food and other aid for his starving and dying peers (perpetrated by this "religious" person) simply because the provisions came from non-Muslims? Only someone who has become such a fanatic, such a zealot, that he can no longer be considered anything but the most feral, grotesque and dangerous of animals.