Seal Team Six, Obama's speech

Ok, Seal Team Six is riDICulously cool and amazing. Wow! T and I were super jazzed after watching a special on them - they have parachuting dogs who wear radios to get commands remotely- what?!- and were then immediately deflated by Obama's speech and Boehner's stupid, condescending response. Are we really going to go into default?

I thought Obama's speech was right on the mark re: the need, no MUST, of shared sacrifice, real change to entitlement spending and the tax code. Then, Tan Crying Man comes in to say he's tried his darndest to work with this president but he and his cronies are just not being heard. We gotta hurt the poor, take away from what remains of the middle class, screw the future but keep those tax cuts to the super-wealthy. NOW we need to trim government spending? Is that what Iraq was all about? Trimming superfluous accounted-for spending? Really?

We are an incensed pair over here and rather fearful too.