Real Time synopsis

"Picaso couldn't portray all the sides of Mitt Romney" - Bill Maher Chrystia Freeland makes the most hysterical and emotive facial expressions. I like her new hairdo. She is so smart! She nods her head so much it makes mine hurt.

Eliot Spitzer is so flipping bright and funny. Oh, the foibles of Spitzer and Clinton.

Michael Steele looks like a muppet. He did say that we should get out of Afghanistan. Yes, I agree with Michael Steele. Wow- not sure this will ever happen again!

Bill: "Barney (Frank), you once said that Mitt Romney was the most intellectually dishonest politician" ever. Do you still agree? Barney: "I'd strike intellectual, but otherwise, yes."


Nate Silver is extremely smart but so socially awkward. Is he wearing ski goggles? I like his updated hair.

"This election feels tighter than Mitt Romney's ass in a prison shower." - Bill ~~~~~

Argo was SO good. ~~~~~ OMG- the election is in less than two weeks!