I just can't patty things

YUM! Well, if you've been following Em-i-lis through the fava bean cakes, through all other non-beef/turkey/salmon burgers, you'll know that pan-sauteing "pattied" cakes is not my strong suit. They always fall apart. Tonight after one failed shrimp burger, I decided, what the hell, why stress about the presentation. How about if I just saute this stuff all together and then pack it on a bun a la lobster roll? Yes! This was a great, delicious, extremely easy idea. Henceforth I will make this recipe this way (and will post it for you soon). For our side dish, I made roasted brussels sprouts with grapes and walnuts. Very nice. And pretty!

PS- Did y'all see the pathetic response to Herman Cain's silly 9-9-9 plan by Michele Bachmann: it's 6-6-6 turned upside down, the sign of the devil. For real? She is so not even one toe in the running anymore.