Hilarious commentary from T

This probably will not be a surprise to you, but for the most part, I am a pretty left-leaning Democrat. Not because of that but certainly in tandem with it, I find Michele Bachmann to be abhorrently dumb and unqualified, the newest iteration of SP from Alaska. Anyway, her myriad ignorant statements provide much in the way of fodder for comedy and T and I have had some with that. In the wake of her recent dicussion of her migraines being severe and sometimes causing her to seek emergency care (look, I do feel terribly for her about this; migraines are the WORST and almost no one deserves them), T was talking about the number of reporters asking if that made her unqualified. T: “to even ask that question implies that she is qualified at all; it is inconceivable that she is remotely qualified to be President, so really, people, you are asking the wrong question.” I was still just thinking about the original question posed, but I did add, “and in my opinion, high heels don’t cause migraines.” Really people.