Fabulous breakfast, terrible Congressional move

I just cannot put into words how marvelous a bowl of fresh ricotta and fresh poached figs is for breakfast. I was nearly speechless as I savored each bite this morning. For DC area folks, organic figs are on sale for $2.99 a box at the Chevy Chase Whole Foods; while that's a good deal commercially, it does make me long for and even more appreciative of free fig-picking with foodie friend C at her neighbor's house. Man! On the flip side of this delightfulness is the current ridiculousness of the Congressional act that is mandating the printing of dollar coins representing each president. No one wants dollar coins, but Congress hasn't repealed the printing law so to the tune of $300 million, these coins are being made and then stored in large warehouses. Really? It's amazing that we get anything done in this country.

Off to hack my way through pilates.