Delicious dinner, Repubs working hard

Y'all, today was one of those days where, when you finally stop for a second, you realized you've been going full-speed and you're really tired. Whew! Oliver is potty training and pooped a bit in my closet (unlike him, but still), Jack had a friend over for a playdate and they had a ball but it was VERY boy (read: guns, running, general high-octane energy) + dinner, and I attempted to keep up with my life simultaneously but finally threw in the towel. Just like an obedient mother should. I think you catch my sarcastic drift there. :) Anyway, all good, and dinner was a wonderful finale. I just adore these zucchini patties, and the marinade for the chicken was a keeper recipe. Redolent of freshly crushed coriander seeds, yogurt, garlic and cilantro, it imparted great flavor into the chicken which I kabobbed and then broiled. Easy and good. The lemon salsa was interesting: I didn't have as many Meyer lemons as I thought so used a mix of tangerine and lemon as substitutes. The citrus flavor was bold but not overwhelming and went nicely with the yogurt sauce and chicken. T asked if I'd please make it all again. Ma certo...but of course.

Did anyone else want to barf over the Republican response to Obama's recess appointment of Richard Cordray to head the CFPB (don't even get me started about how Elizabeth Warren was screwed on this front)? For starters, if you can honestly say to anyone -including yourself in a mirror- that gavelling in and out within 40 seconds means you are still in session and taking your Congressional position seriously, then you need mental help (this goes for any attempts Dems have ever made to do the same). Secondly, the Republicans claiming that Obama is a pathetic, weakling, non-leader while pretty much concurrently calling for his dictatorial head after this "recess" appointment is just so g-damn nonsensical and juvenile. How can one be both a tyrant and a serf? Thirdly, for SadSack DroopyDog Mitch McConnell to say that Obama's appointment was an arrogant move that circumvents the American people and is unprecedented is just stupid on every front. The CFPB needs a leader and for months now the Repubs have been unwilling to even discuss Cordray, much less seriously consider any appointment to the Bureau. How can a bureau be efficacious without a leader? A-ha, I think we've got the underlying point, Holmes.

Disgusting. But again, dinner was great. Heh.