Baffled, Kansas et al

Oh dear. What will it take for people to vote IN their best interests? A few snapshots of electorates failing to do so. By all accounts, Kansas Governor Sam Brownback's tax experiment has been an unmitigated disaster:

"Indeed, the individual income tax revenues were more than $300 million under projections in the 2014 fiscal year that ended June 30. And this year,they already are more than $80 million shy of predictions, through four months of the 2015 fiscal year."

-Kansas City Star, 4 November 2014

Also, Brownback defamed his opponent via dishonest attack ads, but that's the ugly par for the course in political campaigning these days.

In Iowa, newly elected Senator, Joni Ernst, wishes to do away with the federal Department of Education in order to drive things back towards state-driven policies and control. That would leave 213,000 Iowa students without the Pell grants they currently receive to help defray college tuition costs. She also wants to close the EPA, yet another ugly par for the course in the right wing at present.

And Droopy Dog, you're never going to leave, are you? Certainly we will all now have to be dragged through the ridiculously asinine, damaging "Repeal Obamacare" diatribe once more, despite the fact that Kentucky, much of which is impoverished and in desperate need of subsidized care, has benefited greatly from both the Affordable Care Act and Kynect, Kentucky's insurance exchange.

"McConnell's government-funded programs haven't had anything close to Obamacare's effect on Kentucky: More than 330,000 Kentuckians have qualified for Medicaid thanks to the Affordable Care Act, and more than 80,000 have obtained health coverage through Kynect, the state's insurance exchange. But by earmarking funds for the occasional small program, McConnell has won votes among Kentucky's low-income residents."

-Huffington Post, 3 November 2014

Voldemort from Florida beat Charlie Crist despite FanGate (I mean, WHO could take him seriously after he refused to come on stage because of the fan under Crist's podium?!). And do not even get me started on all the calls out there to limit women's rights in making decisions about their OWN bodies and health.

Really, it boggles the mind.