Anybody but Mitt

Don't y'all think Mitt must feel rather lame with his measly 8 vote win over the come-from-nowhere (except Iowa since he's basically moved there in recent months) bigoted, racist-sounding Rick Santorum? I mean, there is NO way Santorum is an electable candidate, not least since he's really not been campaigning anywhere but Iowa and lost his senate seat in PA last go-round by 18!! points. Likewise, I don't think Mr. 3rd, Ron Paul, is any more likely to come out on top. Granted, Mitt did not spend a heck of a lot of time in Iowa but that's because he really didn't think doing so would get him anywhere. So the fact that two guys, one of whom has been considered dead in the water for pretty much his entire run and another who many consider just a little too radical -abolish the fed?- came within a hair of winning the vaunted Iowa contest suggests that while Mitt might very well get the Republican nomination, it's going to be out of complete desperation rather than any real love for him. The Repubs really put up a sorry bunch of whacks this time around. They sure tried to find anyone but Mitt but in a passel of nitwits, he still managed to come out on top. He's such a plastic, patronizing chameleon. He might be competent but he disgusts me.

As an ancillary thought, perhaps we can all finally put to rest the idea that the Ames straw poll is any sort of crystal ball. Michele Bachmann won it, people, and she just suspended her campaign. Exactly.