Pie, kids, cooking, to bed

I cooked all day, minus a quick trip to the farmers market. By and by, it was lovely. 

A sautéed mushroom, cheddar, speck and egg sandwich for T's Father's Day breakfast, lobster rolls and farmers market salad -fresh red leaf lettuce and snap peas and tomatoes- for lunch, chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches for Jack's birthday party tomorrow (Jeopardy; it's going to be epically fun), cold potato salad with tiny new potatoes and mustard-caper vinaigrette, and this gorgeous, scrumptious strawberry balsamic pie.  


A friend gave me the Four and Twenty Blackbirds cookbook for my birthday, and, having just bought two quarts of strawberries at the market, I wanted a special way to use them. 

This pie perfectly fit the bill, and it did not disappoint. Good thing as it took about three hours to make.  

I picked the boys up around 5. What a joy to see them, and how loud and kinetic our home now feels again. Here's hoping things are a bit quieter tomorrow. 

Happy Father's Day to all the dads, uncles, male teachers and mentors out there!