What a day, feeling grateful

We just got back from the ER- Oliver was in for about 5.5 hours with what we thought was appendicitis, an intussusception or gastroenteritis. Oliver was so good through the blood draw, IV port install, 60 minute ultrasound in the hottest room ever, etc; ultimately, it seems it might be a viral reaction in the lymph glands surrounding part of his small bowel. I cannot tell you how profoundly grateful I feel that he is OK. He was such a wonderful trooper through it all- nothing to eat, drink, a pee bag on, etc. Jack was fabulous too. O really perked up towards the end of our time at the hospital, and how did I really know he was OK? He felt me up in front of one of the docs- seriously! Full on boob fondling. I just looked at everyone and said, well, he's fine.

Gonna get my loves to bed and have a glass (large) of wine + take-out. Good lordy.