Tiny Eminem

I just went to kiss the boys goodnight. Jack was sitting straight up in bed, a book-on-CD playing, reading a book and averring that he had had zero luck falling asleep. Um, if you don't try... Oliver, meanwhile, was sawing logs whilst wearing a fleecey, striped hoodie -zipped up, hood on-  and the shiniest, knee-length poly-blend shorts and had managed to put into bed with him: a gallon-size Ziploc of Mardi Gras beads; a tiny reference book on stars; a small photo album from nursery school; and 40 stuffed animals. His ceiling and closet lights were on AND two large pillows formed a tent over his head. I have no idea how he constructed this tent, fell asleep under it and has moved so little that it remains intact. He looked like Eminem circa childhood.