Three day weekends

I've not had any assistance in the childcare department since last Wednesday and neither boy had school today. Perhaps it goes without saying, but I am fried, bored and over it. I'm sick of school holidays, and cannot wait for one regular week; that also includes me not traveling. I leave at 7:50am this Wednesday for my sister's stateside wedding in Louisiana, we return Sunday and T and I leave the next Friday for Tom's cousin's wedding in Chicago. I just want to stay put and have the kids in school. I am starting to twitch with desperation for a schedule on which I can count. For time to take a breath. It's cold and drizzly today, so the boys and I spent the morning at a suburban mall because a few errands simply demanded it. Jack insisted upon wearing full cowboy regalia including his boots and spurs, and after three -albeit fun- hours, I thought my head would explode if the metallic clinking continued. But we got a lot done, ate out -Jack inhaled an enormous amount of Middle Eastern food; truly, it was remarkable because he resembles a tall pencil- and I was Kool & the Gang until the ride home when apparently my patience level hit E for empty suddenly and severely. Shite. I'm not sure any cooking will happen today, and for dinner, there are too many great leftovers that must be enjoyed.

Send me good vibes dear readers.