Sweet Jack

I arrived early to Jack's school for pick-up today; cold rain with a hint of sleet was coming down in fits and starts, and I wanted to secure a good spot in the carpool line so I wouldn't have to get out. Fifteen minutes later, Jack got in, I gave him his snack, and turned the key in the ignition. No dice. After failing several more attempts, I called Tom to drive over and give us a jump.This was all slightly irritating, but it's rare that I get to pick J up without Oliver there, so we just chatted and caught up. Suddenly, he said, "mom, I have something for you" which I assumed was a form from school. He pulled a neatly tied-up scroll from his backpack and said, "open it."


I thought tears might materialize, so touched was I by this gift. He said he'd made it during free time in art class and that it was his own idea rather than a suggestion from someone else. Could you just die?! What a honey!