Reaching limit of sanity

Thanks in part to this blog, I have come to know with real clarity my limits on pretend play with the children. Really, people, I admire their imaginations, but I just cannot go on and on in fantasy land for more than about 30 minutes at a stretch and that's a good session. Mary mother of god, putting out fires, protecting seahorses, tasting imaginary food, putting aprons and bandanas and whatever on and off, on and off. Do you see it mom? Do you see it? Mo-om, get on your horse; we need to gallop away. Mo-om, do you like my chainsaw drawing? It's on a hook, see? Red light means boogers, green means go, yellow means pick ya' nose. Fake languages, fake words, then asking me, what does "pook", "peekee", etc mean? How in the sam hill do I know? I didn't make up the nonsense. My brain is breaking people. It's been just over 5.5 hours since I awoke with the boys (T is out of town), and I gotta say that I feel I want to put in industrial-strength earplugs and declare myself mute for the next few hours. This is why I am thankful that naptime is approaching and that I have a sitter coming this afternoon.