My nephew is here, Ol is well

I am the proudest auntie ever! My nephew, Leone (pron: Lay-oh-nay) Paul, roared into the world about two hours ago. He is absolutely precious, and his parents are besotted. I cannot wait to meet him in person in a few weeks when I head east across the pond. Thank you for all the good wishes and happy vibes sent my family's way. I do not yet have a photo that isn't R-rated in some respect, so you will have to wait to lay eyes on L. Thank you also for checking in on Oliver. He is almost completely back to his non-sick, mischievous, funny self, and that is a relief although I think Jack could do without some of O's naughtiness as it usually plays out in his stuff being pilfered and hidden, but alas.

After a twenty-minute crisis on Halloween evening, Oliver gathered his glorious Wonder Woman self and headed out into the chilly night with us. My dear trainer joined us, sportingly dressed as Princess Jasmine, and lovingly wrapped him in a fleecy jacket between each house. Although we didn't stay out long, Green Ninja and Wondy managed to procure a great deal of candy which they have been sneak-eating since, no matter how high up I pitch their bags. Alas again.