Italia: Giorno 2

Amici, Italia e meravigliosa. I mean, seriamente. It is rainy and gray right now, but who cares?! I slept until 10:15. Then -and y'all, you know how I love clothes and fashion; like, the art of it, really I do; I'm not superficial.- my sister took me to the Roberto Cavalli employee discount sale, and, I admit, I took advantage of a few deals. SO fun. You should see this belt I bought. It's labeled a man's belt, but I know of NO man who would wear this. Not even Pavarotti. It is a Cavalli snake head buckle on a belt. I mean, it is fabulous. There may have been a few other purchases, but such good deals, people. Such good deals. Heh-heh.

I am besotted with my nephew who is just the cat's meow. He is so calm and darling and sweet and soft, and really, I could have 85 babies. Literally, I could nurse and tend to 85 babies. Happily. Willingly. Joyfully. It then gets exponentially more difficult, and in that regard, I am thrilled with my two doll-baby sons.

Do y'all even know what happened to me this evening? Elia and I crossed and bought from not one but TWO mozzarella di bufala stands. TWO!!!

People, we ate a ciambella di bufala, and then, whilst enjoying said ciambella (donut) and some patatas fritas and wine and beer, the mozzarella man drove his cart to us, and I gleefully bought an entire, fabulous, quivering, still-warm orb of perfectness.



And there were these... some sort of fantastic, cured maiale (pork).

And we were: proud Mom and auntie...