Apoplectic O, sick J, slightly ragged E

Oh my. I'm not sure I've ever seen Oliver throw a tantrum like this. He's not much of a tantrum kid; in fact, he's pretty laid back nearly all the time. At present, however, he's crazy as Chucky, as different from his usual self as Jeckyll was from Hyde. It was literally impossible to brush his teeth, so I finally just put him in his crib and left the room. He's screeching about wanting to get out. Really, intensely nuts. In my non-reactive reaction to him, I was reminded of how differently I'd have behaved, probably did behave, with Jack. First child-second child. Interesting. In the meantime, J has quite the fever and feels awful. I gave him a hot bath and some medicine but I don't have high hopes for tonight. Fortunately, I got to sneak out for a pedicure this afternoon - A Oui Bit of Red is a terrific new OPI color - and am feeling damn lucky about that.While I thought T returned home tomorrow around 2, it's actually closer to 5 or 6. Fantastic.

Off to put something together for dinner and enjoy a glass of wine.