Other DC-area gems: Phillips Collection, Water Mine, in their rooms with Legos

Y'all, I am really starting to feel like an A+ champion mother. That said, I went to bed at 7:20pm last night-yes, you read that correctly-and slept until 7:15 this morning. So, champion takes a little something out of a mom, and I cannot wait to be off-duty for a few when school resumes next Tuesday. 


I do not want to be so champion.

Ok, so other fine things we've done this week include The Phillips Collection, a little jewel box of a modern art museum on 21st Street NW. General admission is free with a suggested donation of any amount you choose. Special exhibits incur an entrance charge.

The Phillips was once the home of Duncan and Marjorie Phillips and much of the works within are in what was their collection. The woodworks and staircases are really spectacular and add a lovely dimension to your experience of the art.

Which is fabulous. Other than lack of Dada works (in which Oliver delights), Ol and I think The Phillips is equally as good as MoMA and definitely more enjoyable. There are four Rothkos, two Mondrians, and a slew of works by Kandinksy, Miro, Renoir and Picasso among others. 

There's also a lovely cafe, bookshop and an extensive library.

Field trips also meant a trek to Reston, VA, for an afternoon at The Water Mine, a water park with a delightful lazy river, water slides, and general water-based fun. Admission is roughly $15/person, but you can bring your own food, it's a generously-sized park, and it's clean and lots of fun.

Ladies, wear a one-piece suit if you plan to enjoy the slides; they're fast and the endings will pull bikini tops plum off. They are SO much fun.

If you want to eat there, it's your general snack truck situation: pizza, ice cream, nachos, pretzels, soda. Not cheap but for kids, I guess it's part of the fun.

Today, it rained. Amen. We waited on a delivery, picked up the pottery we painted last week, and then did Lego Day, the culmination of six weeks of daily, quality reading and some journaling by both kids. I contributed a certain amount to each boy, and they were responsible for any overage. Both seem thrilled with their decisions, and their work on their sets meant some down time for me. WOOT!

Tomorrow is Jack's middle school orientation. My big boy is starting 5th grade! And Ol is heading to 2nd. I'm excited for them- they'll miss being on the same campus, but some space will be good for both.