I have been completely, and in the best way, bowled over by the deluge of love and support y'all have sent us since Nutmeg got hurt on Sunday. Team Nutmeg is alive and well on Facebook, and all your emails and calls have meant the world.

Miraculously, Nutmeg has made a pretty amazing recovery so far. He had no damage to his limbs or internal organs, he is not blind, and the swelling in his face has gone down significantly. The doctors postponed surgery one day to let him heal a bit more and because his red blood cell count dropped and a heart murmur was detected. By this morning, his RBC was still lower, meaning he is severely anemic but not yet emergent, but the murmur had stabilized, and they believe it's related to the trauma and will resolve. Donor blood is at the ready should they need to transfuse him.

I have visited him twice daily, and his spirits have been stunningly good. I've brushed and wiped him down, and he constantly rolls over for belly rubs and has even tried to play a bit with the nursing staff. They just love him.

Can't wait to get my boy home. Thank you for everything!!!!