Non-denominational Easter

I know! What is a non-denominational Easter? Well, it's what you get when you're agnostic but went out of the parenthood gate with wild enthusiasm for celebrating every holiday even remotely part of your own past and then have trouble walking those festive days back.

I love an egg hunt as much as the next gal, but Easter has, over the years, started to feel increasingly, and only, material to me. I say that with no disrespect. Were we believers, I'd be all in on this big day, but since we are not, it feels like giving the kids more stuff for no good reason. Baskets brimming with Easter grass and candy-stuffed plastic eggs. Lovingly homemade cards and thoughtfully chosen books. Notes in unfamiliar, left-handed scribble from a giant bunny. On a day that resonates not a bit.

Our kids have enough. More than enough. And so today, for the second year in a row, I proposed to the boys that we politely tell the Bunny not to come. 

"Sweeties, we are so fortunate. In the past three months, we've celebrated Christmas, Valentine's, Oliver's birthday and spring break. We don't believe in what Easter celebrates so how about we ask the Bunny not to come and instead we'll do something special together as a family?"

"What, Mom, no!"

"Hmm, Mom, OK. How about two eggs full of a chocolate and a nice book?

"Well, I want my stuff." 

I'll let y'all decide who uttered those bits.

Me: "And as an aside, do y'all think the Bunny is a boy or a girl?"

We all sat in shared silence, ruminating on this important question, before agreeing that we had no idea and wasn't that interesting.

Not least because the freaking bunny is ME.

Anyway, back to forgoing Easter.

"But, guys, y'all are so lucky. How about we make a festive cake and hunt for eggs? I mean, I really feel like it's gifts for no reason."

J: "Well Mom, we celebrate Christmas and we don't believe in that."

That kid is smart and that one stopped me in my tracks. Shit.

"Jack, that is a fair and good point, but for me, Christmas is really about the time with family and the traditions."

"Well, I don't see how that's so different."


And so the Easter bunny is coming back this Sunday. I best get my white poof tail on and hop off to find some chocolates.