My newest venture

I am so, so excited to share that I have opened an editing business, Elucido: Make Your Written Work Shine. As you know, I love to write. Perhaps even more, I love to edit, and for years and years now, I have joyfully helped students and professionals polish application essays and cover letters, strengthen resumes, and tighten literary essays. Last year, I had the remarkable experience of helping edit the soon-to-be published memoir of a Civil Rights journalist.

As I look ahead, to the near future of sons who are going to sleepaway camp this summer for six weeks (gasp!) and to the longer-term future of boys continuing to grow up and out, I want more for me as Emily. I think it's wise, and I think it's time. This blog sustains me deeply, but Elucido is a thrilling venture beyond that, and there is something about a paycheck that feels awfully rewarding.

I had my first Elucido client over winter break, and friends, I was a new woman. I adore college-age students. Remembering what a crucial time my undergraduate years for me, in SO many ways, I love experiencing some of that excitement again. The electric jolt of opportunity that a good undergraduate or graduate fit can give young people. 

Likewise, the thrill of seeing people of all ages get to reinvent themselves professionally is such a gift. If I can help them make that leap with even an iota of greater confidence, well, wow. 

It would be impossible to adequately articulate the ways in which writing has changed and improved my life. I believe deeply that any sort of writing, especially if creative and/or personal, is a portal into parts of ourselves that might otherwise remain unknown. Whether telling a college more about who you are as a young adult or a potential boss about why you are the perfect candidate for the job or your readers about why you're worried or gleeful, you're coming to better understand and know yourself, and that is never a bad thing. To partner with others as they travel these roads is an honor.

So, thank you to everyone who has already expressed such generous support for me and my writing and Elucido. Please feel free to spread the word.