Zoo, lots of cooking, weirdest day

The extremely weird day persisted when Ol and I hoofed around the zoo for nearly two hours with hardly an animal experience. The wildlife, by and large, looked as if it had been totally drugged. We saw the giant anteater's tail, smelled the overwhelmingly strong odor of maned wolf urine (there was even a sign about its pungency), watched the goats and orangs that never moved, and saw an elephant wave his ear from afar. The high point was watching the sea lions swim like torpedoes and banter about winningly. One persisted in acting like a synchronized swimmer on her head, bottom and flipper feet up in the air. All in all, the most boring trip to any zoo, anywhere, ever! Ol agreed.I guess it was assumed we'd had our fill with Louie the attack cat.

After that, I needed a win so thanked my mother-in-law profusely for coming over for 90 minutes while I made several pints each of apple-chili-chutney and lightly spiced plum jam. Then I put together one of the leek-goat cheese tarts and will soon start in on the chocolate cakes. Tomorrow I'll finish up the final two tarts and put together the sixty tea sandwiches sometime around working as the library mom at Jack's school. Have mercy. I quite assume that as soon as I return from delivering everything to the party tomorrow evening, I will drink wine and hit the sack.