Woman on the verge, getting ready for luncheon on Thursday

I will be honest in telling you that I was on the edge of crazy-town when we finally rolled up to our house last night around 9. I actively disliked both of the children, really thought my ears were going to blow off and/or my heart would beat out of my chest, and within 15 minutes of opening the front door, we had brushed the boys' teeth in a frenzy and almost-literally thrown them into bed. When you wrap your head around it properly, taking trips with kids is mostly cool, often fun, and you do and learn things that you wouldn't if they weren't with you. However, the actual act of travel with them is often hellacious and exhausting, a literal hanging on by your toes as you dangle dangerously, and seriously think about dropping, over the precipice. It should go without saying that when we drove up to Jack's school to drop him off this morning, it was a real big bummer to find it cancelled for the day due to a power outage in the neighborhood. I'm telling you...it's always something.

Deep breath, and to the market we went, Jack wearing his Batman mask, Oliver excavating anything in site with his "favorite construction vehicle." I'm catering a luncheon for 55 on Thursday so really wanted to get my shopping done today. Exciting! I did wonder what the folks at the market thought of my buying 12 leeks, 16 onions, 10 shallots and so forth with my little guys in tow. Heh.