Wildly cold Wednesday

It is SO cold here today. I am one of those stubborn fools who really hates winter hats (I do have a beautiful cloche but my head is a touch too large for it so it pops up like a whack-a-mole that won't die) despite their obvious utility, I much prefer to go sockless and tend to do so unless the temp drops below 35, and having been forced to wear a Michelin-tire-guy parka throughout college simply can't bear to don anything similar now. As you might imagine, I am often cold during winter. I like the season for about three weeks and then I simply lose patience. It's a good thing we no longer live in Boston. In any case, the sun was out this morning, and Percy was champing at the bit for a walk. I put on a long sleeve shirt, a sweater, a wind-proof yet unlined jacket, and gloves; really, that's an aggressive outfit for me. Not three minutes into the walk, I put my hood up. A minute later we picked up the pace. Fifteen minutes in found us hauling arse back home. It "feels like" 24 which is flipping cold. I think Percy agreed. As I told someone yesterday, "February is the poison thorn in the side of the year."

I'm now ensconced inside, warily eyeing the barren trees shivering in the breeze outside, happy to have a good deal of homework to do and two hours until I must head out once more. I think I'll make a pot of tea and a bit of a snack. I'm hungry, but for what?